Jim Dabrowski

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What’s Wrong with this Picture

Below is a picture of my boat work area. What’s wrong with this picture?

Notice the garbage can next to my desk? Very convenient. What you may not know is that the desk is somewhat unstable (it wobbles) and when it does so, things tend to fall off the edge of the desk right into that garbage can. See the sanding block on the edge of the desk? That is not my original sanding block. That is a replacement for the one that (I presume) fell into the garbage can and got thrown out with the trash (unbeknownst to me). Notice anything else missing? Of course not. I didn’t either until this morning while cleaning up a bit when I noticed that the instruction book for the boat is missing! Now I’m thinking that the sanding block and the instruction manual ran off together to have a torrid affair. :-( Sigh.

May not be a big deal. Model Expo (where I bought the boat) has the instruction book available for download as a PDF. I’ve done that and printed it out, so it’s almost as good as new. I just miss the old instruction book. It was all wrinkled, written in and glue spattered. The newly printed PDF just isn’t the same. But, at least I can still build the boat!