Jim Dabrowski

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Well, that was embarrassing

Well that was embarrassing. I wanted to post something here yesterday, fired up my computer, looked in my Sites directory, saw all my files and realized I had no idea which tool I used to build this site. I’ve obsessed for years trying to find the “right” tool to use and have tried many, many tools. Eventually I apparently picked one but now had no idea which one. Looked around my site and my last post was from over a year ago. sigh This morning I realized that I might have blogged about it. So I looked at a past post and found my blog reboot post wherein I mentioned that I used Jekyll. Yay! Of course, for some reason Jekyll wasn’t installed on this machine so I had to reinstall it, but that was easy and now I’m back up and running so when inspiration strikes, I can post. (I’ve also updated the footer on this site to remind me what tool I use to do this.)