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Kitchen Remodel Day 21

What?!? Day 21! Yeah, I reconsidered my day numbering convention. At first, I was going to go by work-days. They started on Tuesday the first, worked through Friday the 4th, that’s 4 days, but then I counted the following Monday as day 5, not day 7. But now with this lull I realized, who cares about work-days, I want to keep count of how many days I’m without a functioning kitchen! So, this is Day 21. So there.

Finally got back to work today. Plumber came to remove some old plumbing and put in some new.

See those nice new pipes sticking up out of the floor? That’s our water for our sink and a drain. How nice.

See those tape lines on the floor? Dena and I got impatient and taped out where the island was going to go so we could get a better feel for what this will look like when it’s done. We like it so far.

They also took out that last little bit of wall. Cabinets will be all along that wall.

I thought about titling this post, “Another day, another change-order”. Any time something new comes up that wasn’t in the original estimate, they file what they call a change-order. It’s essentially a legal addendum to our contract specifying what additional thing we’re going to have to pay for. Some of these have been expected—money for the permits, credit for their not having to jack-hammer out the concrete in the foyer. That sort of things. Others not so expected, but I kinda feel like they should have been.

Take today for instance. We’re going to have another change order because, by code, when they put in new plumbing they also have to put in something called “nailing plates”. Now, if this is something required by code and they knew they were putting in new plumbing, don’t you think they would have known they also had to put in nailing plates and factored that into the estimate? I think so. smh

Anyway, it was good to once again see some progress. I’ll keep on blogging as long as they keep on working.