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Kitchen Remodel Day 23

Electricity, E-lec-tricity

Today we got some electrical work done. How about that. Let’s look at a couple of views from the corners.

Each of those place where there are white wires hanging down out of holes in the ceiling is where can lights are supposed to go. Curiously, the plans called for 9 can lights to go into the ceiling. When I was speaking with Jerry a week or so ago I was questioning the need for 9 new can lights given that we’re supposed to have 3 pendants hanging over the island. He assured me we’d figure all that out when the electrician came and he’d make suggestions and we’d talk about it and I should not worry.

Now I got holes in the ceiling all wired up and I’m not quite sure I want them that way. And they never did talk with us about it beforehand. Is this normal for contractors? I also noticed there are only 2 pendants roughed in over the island where there’s supposed to be 3. Guess we have some talking to do. And probably a dreaded change order.

On the bright side, I figured out what “nailing plates” are. See these

Those are nailing plates. Imagine if you will, people hanging drywall with screws (or perhaps nails). They could easily drive that sucker right into the pipes. Hence, put in a nailing plate and that’ll stop any nails or screws from causing you a much bigger problem. I noticed we got a bunch of those nailed up all over the place where the wiring goes through the joists as well. Of course, if Wisconsin used conduit, they wouldn’t have to put in nailing plates to protect the wiring, but that’s a story for another day.

That brings us to the end of day 22. Hope you’ve been enjoying this. See you tomorrow.