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Kitchen Remodel Day 31

Drywall, Venting & Lessons Learned

I’m always amazed at what professional plasterers can do. And how quickly they can do it.

I’ve done my own drywalling and hole-patching over the years. Having kids, and life in general means you have to patch walls on occasion. I get it done, but it always takes me like 47 rounds of spackling, sanding, spackling some more and it end up looking…OK. Occasionally I achieve “good”. But professionals, in one day the get that whole edge cleaned up and looking like a real wall.

Then look at this. Here is before:

And now here it is after today:

That’s almost looking like a real wall. Not bad especially since almost that entire wall will be covered in cabinets.

Then we also had some venting installed. You’d think they’d have done this before they put all the drywall up, but what do I know?

I think they had scheduling difficulty with the HVAC guy so they kinda had to do that. This is going to be where and how the range hood vents. They ended up having to go down with the venting rather than up like we had wanted them to. They say it’ll be OK. I’m not sure I’m convinced of that, though I’m not sure what else can be done at this point.

Finally a lesson learned that has nothing to do with the remodeling project.

If you’re ever out in your backyard smoking some ribs, and you have left-over apple cider and oil you’ve been using to spray on the ribs to keep them moist during smoking, don’t just toss the remaining cider on the lawn. It’s not just like water.

Lesson learned.