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Kitchen Remodel Day 37

It’s Not Easy Being Green

I’m slacking again. Sure there were a couple of days of inaction lately and they’ve been working the last few days but the progress has been somewhat minimal and hard to show off.

They basically took this

And turned it into this

And then turned it into this

The drywallers have been here finishing up the walls and today the painters showed up and painted it all green. That’s going to be the color of the kitchen. Or at least, those parts of the walls you’ll actually be able to see. That wall there you really won’t see much of because it’ll have cabinets on top and bottom, a range and range hood in the middle (you can see the venting sticking out of the wall there) and a tile backsplash where you’d expect backsplash to be.

Here you’ll see more of the green:

This will be the dining area and that green wall is pretty much what you’ll see when this is all finished.

Still looks like they need to do another coat over the whole room. Then the tile guy is supposed to show up and start laying tile.

This is beginning to look like a real room for a change.

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