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Kitchen Remodel Day 43

Cabinets are in

Yeah, no clever titles this time. Not feeling it. Got home yesterday and saw cabinets in the kitchen.

I gotta say, they look nice and this is starting to look like a kitchen.

This is where the range and range hood will go. We’re going to have white subway tile as a backsplash between the upper and lowers with an accent strip somewhere along there.

This is the view of the island and the cabinet wall (for lack of a better term. On that wall between the cabinets will be three floating shelves. Sink and dishwasher here up in the front of the picture.

And then another view of the kitchen back toward the range. The refrigerator will go in that opening to the right. The cabinets next to that are pull-out pantry-style cabinets. Those will be nice. On this end of the island the countertop will extend out a couple of feet and be our seating area. We’ll have room for one on each side and two on the end.

Next they have to finish up trim work. Put in a bit more crown molding and then the trim all around things. This was partly why I didn’t write up this post last night. We had to meet with the contractor to discuss what we wanted for trim. That took way longer than expected. With us, we take forever to really decide on things. We usually need time to let ideas settle and percolate through our minds before we’re happy with them. What makes this doubly hard is all the existing woodwork in the foyer and family room don’t really match each other and now we’re adding more stuff that doesn’t quite match any of that. Dena is having a hard time deciding what to do. We know the shape of the trim, just don’t quite know the color yet. I’m sure she’ll come up with something we’ll be happy with.

Progress! Next the counter people come in and measure so they can go make our counters. They already warned us that would take about 2 weeks so we should be patient and expect a bit of a lull again in work. So stay tuned and I’ll keep this blog updated.