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Kitchen Remodel Day 44

I Got a Handle on this!

Back to being clever (or so I think). Looks like cabinet folks spent the day putting some handles on our cabinets. We really like them.

And here we have our floating shelves. Those too turned out super nice.

And finally, they have the outline of the table built. Love the legs we picked out.

Now we’re gonna have our first, change our mind and it’s gonna cost us, moment. We think the island is too short. That there is 9 feet long (or thereabouts). Our intention is for 4 people to sit in this area, one on each side and 2 on the end. That will work with what’s there, but if people are on the sides and the end, we think knees will be bumping. Probably not too bad, but we don’t want to feel cramped. We have the room, so we’re gonna ask them to re-do that portion and lengthen it out to 10 feet. This will give people on the sides plenty of room. Now I get to compose the email to the contractor.

That’s it. That was a nice anniversary present to us. Now we get to go out to dinner. Eating out at Clara Bo in Beloit, WI.