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Kitchen Remodel Day 60


We gots the countertops!


I’m lying here again. This all happened Friday, but we took off right after work to go see our son at UND where he’s off learning to become a commercial airline pilot. He really likes it there–well, not exactly likes it. He loves flying but could really do without the winters. So he likes to spend his summers up there taking flying classes so he can stay ahead in his program and fly lots. We miss him, but he’s off doing what he loves. That’s important.

Anyway, we left right after work and I didn’t have time to write all this up, so I’ll just back-date this and pretend like this was all posted last Friday. Back to the kitchen.

Apparently Dena got to hear a bunch of swearing in a foreign language on Friday. The countertops arrived and she got to watch a bunch of hulky, sweaty, swarthy guys with all their muscles rippling carry in this big, honkin’ slab of quartz.

And a couple smaller pieces, but those don’t count really. She says they were saying a bunch of things she didn’t recognize but she assumes were swear words. Apparently that stuff is heavy.

But they seemed to know what they were doing because the got them in place and they look pretty darn good.

No, that faucet’s not attached. I just stuck it there to see what it would look like.

We’re actually pretty happy the snafu of a couple of weeks ago happened–recall, the one where they told us they ran out of countertop material and as a result we wouldn’t get our counters for about a month? After hearing that, Dena went out and looked at some new stuff and picked out a different style that she thought she liked better. Turns out, she was right.

The new stuff has more of a brown tone to it with flecks of gold-ish rather than the more pure black with streaks of white. We really like how this blends with everything else we got going on in here. It’s coming along.

Today, (the real today, Monday) they came and finished up the trim. Looks real nice. That guy does a real nice job on the trim. The rest of this week is supposed to be some finish plumbing, painting (they’re gonna re-paint the walls), and then backsplash tiling. So I hope to have more posts as the week wears on.

See y’all,