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Kitchen Remodel Day 70

I’ve Plumbed the Depths

OK, so I’m getting a bit silly with the titles on these posts. Shoot me. Looks like they found another plumber cause he was here today and got some stuff hooked up.

Got the dishwasher hooked up (sort-of) and installed. There’s plumbing for it all there but there’s still no outlet to plug it in. Guess next step is electrical. To the right is our sink and faucet.

Didn’t realize when we bought it that it came with those grids to put on the bottom or that metal thingie to the left. Turns out that can completely span one of the sinks, front to back, and you can use it as a drying rack or dripping rack or something. Those are square rods and the whole thing turns out to be pretty sturdy. And then it rolls up into a little bundle. It’s pretty cool.

That was really it for today. Still have quite a bit to finish up: painting, tile, electrical. I’m sure it’ll get done but we’re getting pretty tired of this whole process. We just want it done.

Oh, one more thing, we did buy some stools today also to go around the eating end. The Madison Swivel stool from Amisco. The body is made of metal and will be a rubbed bronze like the handles. The seat will be a dark fabric and the back…well, the middle slat in the back is going to be wood colored the same as the cabinets. Except they don’t make that color so we ordered them unfinished. I’ll have to finish them myself once they come in. They’ll look good there.

That’s all folks. See ya next time.