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Kitchen Remodel Day 72

I’m Exhausted

Came home today after work to this.

Looking nice. Got the range hood in today.

Heh, notice that little black spot on the wall next to the duct-work? That’s a hole in the wall. You may recall seeing previous pics where they had the duct coming out of the wall and the wire coming out next to it. When it was there I thought to myself, “Self, I’m not sure the hood duct work is gonna cover that up. Looks mighty far away.” But honestly, with all the times I’ve tried to warn them about things and they’ve brushed me off telling me not to worry about it, I just let it be. And see, they figured it out. They must have, cause it works!

You can’t hear it, but the fan’s running in that picture.

So that was nice to see. It’s always a bit of a surprise to see what’ll be different when I get home. Like I said previously, we aren’t really on schedule, but things are progressing. Next they’re gonna be in tomorrow to grout the backsplash. And no “I am Grout!” jokes this time.

Your basic off-white subway tile with a little strip of highlight. Those are a mix of glass and tile. Brings out the same sort of colors in the floor and walls and cabinets.

And that’s about it. See ya next time.