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Kitchen Remodel Day 74

Let there be light!

And there was light.

There it is. I think we’re entering the final stretch. Electrician was here and he put in all the outlets, switches and ceiling lights. Makes a real difference. Looking almost done.

Here’s a closer-up shot of the actual lights over the island. Dena has a really good eye for that sort of thing. She picks well.

And we got flames too! Check this out. Six full burners of bright blue flames. Not sure I’ll ever cook six things at once, but you never know. Thanksgivings get mighty crowded around here sometimes.

Back Monday to paint, and tile, and fix the one pantry cabinet, and finish up some plumbing and finish up some electrical. Yeah, right. That’s the plan at least. Seems a bit unrealistic to me given how pokey this whole thing has been. But, we’ll see.

Until then, we may actually cook something on our new range this weekend. I’ll let you know if we do.

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