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Kitchen Remodel Day 87

Putzing Along

I’ve been slacking a little bit lately. They’ve been here doing things in bits and pieces. They got the backsplash for the range in place. They cleaned. They got the microwave installed and did some additional electrical stuff (but of course, didn’t install the popup outlet because we’re still lacking a hole). And I haven’t been blogging any of that.

Because we just want them done!!!

This is just dragging on way too long and we’re both getting a bit worn out by the whole process. We just want them done and out of our house. The last two days they’ve made some progress by finishing tiling some additional backsplash. This was an extra.

We went from this.

To this.

After they got the backsplash on the other wall, Dena was looking around and decided she wanted it continued there in that little opening. So we did it. We’re pretty happy. We think it helps tie the whole room together a bit more.

Still a few more odds and ends and we still might not have the whole lien thing worked out yet. I’ll check on the status of that tomorrow. I think it’s taken care of but one more call to be sure.

That’s it,