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Kitchen Remodel Day 98

No. They’re Still. Not. Done.

We’re giving up. Coming up on day 100 of the Great Kitchen Remodel and they still aren’t done. Though I think I’m done blogging about it until they are.

It hasn’t been totally silent. Last week Monday they installed the pop-up outlet. That’s pretty cool. Of course, that was the only thing that happened last week. Today they came in a cleaned up a few odds and ends, but that was it. Who knows what else will be done or when it will be done. They don’t really talk to us much any more other than tell us they have to get the plumber back in, they have to get the tile guy back in, they have to get the electrician back in…sigh.

At this point, I’m just hoping they’re done by Thanksgiving. But until then, I’m done writing about this fiasco. Next post will be when it’s all done and I hope to have some before and after pics to sum it all up.

Stay tuned!