Jim Dabrowski

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It is done!!


OK, I’ll be honest, it’s been done for a few weeks now, I’m just finally getting around to writing about it. I won’t bore you with all the details of getting the “final” bill only to have items we had to haggle over. I just want to say when your contractor won’t give you credit for unused material they purchased because it’s open and you ask for the material back since you paid for it, and when you get it back from them, you see the “opened” part consists of them having pulled open 1 of the four flaps on the cover, but none of the material is actually used, you know your contractor is trying to screw you over.

But it’s done. We won’t ever do business with Property Revival again. The final payment was made on September 18, 140 days after the “9 week” project started May 1.

Enough bitching. As promised, here are some before and after pictures of the whole thing. Sit back and enjoy the carousel. We actually like our kitchen a lot and can’t wait to host our big family Thanksgiving dinner.