Jim Dabrowski

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Bears vs. Lions Post Game

Wow. Just wow.

For three quarters I was spot-on in my prediction for this game. Trubisky looked totally lost and as bad or worse than he had in any game in 2019. Missing wide open receivers, overthrowing, throwing behind. He sucked. Bad. I seriously believed they should bench him at half and bring in Foles, he was that bad. Defense also sucked. The pass rush was virtually non-existent, Mack was having a hard time beating single blockers, Stafford was having his way throwing the ball and AP was gashing them in the running game.

Finally, at the end of the 3rd quarter Bears get the ball back and I swear to God I texted my brothers and said:

Going totally homer here: OK, now it clicks and Mitch balls out and scores 3 TDS in a row here. Bears win 27-23.

And sure as shit he does that. All of a sudden Trubisky is completing beautiful passes down field and completely took charge of the game. I don’t get it. Had this game ended in a loss, I could easily see them starting Foles next week. As it is, I don’t see how they can not start him.

As usual, the Bears gave me my full 3 hours of excitement and entertainment. Sometimes utterly heart-breaking other times thrilling. Can’t wait til next week!