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Bears vs. Giants Game Prediction

I’m going to wimp out on this one and not actually predict a winner. Allow me to explain.

It’s hard to know this early in the season just what teams are going to be. Especially this season with no training camp and no pre-season, teams are more sloppy and less prepared which makes the prediction business even more difficult than usual. In the case of the Bears and Giants we have two teams both of whom show some inklings of being better at times, while still showing lots of inconsistency and problems they’ve yet to overcome.

The Bears should be able to consistently run the ball, but I’m not convinced that will be enough to score many points. Trubisky should be able to take advantage of what’s considered a weak secondary and make some big plays. However, we’ve not yet seen he can do that on a consistent basis so I expect we’ll see him take plenty of shots down field but have a lot of near misses—and some not so near.

For the Giants, their QB appears to be improving yet is still turnover-prone and it’s easy to rattle him. If the Bears are able to generate significant pass rush against him they should be able to force turnovers but again they’ve not done that consistently for a while now. The Bears’ defensive front and their middle linebackers need to play much better than they did against the Lions if they hope to stop Saquon Barkley from doing them what Peterson did all too often last week.

In the end, I expect this to be a sloppy, inconsistent game for both teams on both sides of the ball, leaving fans able to find hope for the future while still allowing critics to point to the many flaws they’ve yet to overcome. I predict a final score of 13-10 but I honestly can’t say which team will have the 13 and which the 10.

Final Score
Giants: ?
Bears: ?