Jim Dabrowski

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Bears at Falcons Game Prediction

This is the week the wheels come off the wagon. The defense doesn’t pressure Matt Ryan and he picks apart the middle of the field with a combination of short passes and a running game that gashes the D. On the other side of the ball, the running game never gets established, the Bears get behind, Nagy throws out the playbook and starts calling too many passing plays Trubisky can’t handle and it ends up in disaster. Fans start crying the season is over, the past 2 weeks are forgotten, there are calls for Pace and Ryan to be fired immediately and demands they trade away all their good players and start the rebuild NOW.

For several years now, the Bears have had difficulty stacking wins and winning the games they should win. As a result, this feels like one of those times when things all fall apart. I’m not pessimistic though. Although it will be a bummer, the team will rally. This one game will not define their season nor start some sort of downward spiral. They’re still a good team.

Final score
Bears: Somewhere in the teens
Falcons: >= 2x whatever the Bears score