Jim Dabrowski

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Bears vs. Colts Prediction

The Bears come into this game as the hometown underdog but take an early lead and hold on to it throughout the game. Foles looks competent, the defense has a chance to go after Rivers and the end result is a Bears team at 4-0 leading to the national media reassessing the 2020 Bears.

In his first start for Chicago, Foles turns in a solid performance. Nagy continues his balanced attack, but with Foles he has a quarterback who can finally read defenses and make strikes downfield. The Bears are able to hold onto a comfortable 3–10 point lead throughout the game and it never feels in doubt.

With the offense looking competent, the Bears defense is energized and Pagano is able to take more risks and put pressure on Rivers. This results in turnovers but also allows the Colts to score as the Bears continue to be ineffective against the run.

Overall, this ends up being a feel-good game for Chicago and leaves the fans excited for the future.

Final score
Bears: 30+
Falcons: 20s