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Bears at Rams Prediction

I don’t have a good feeling about a “prediction” per se, instead I think I’m writing more from a “What I want to have happen” perspective. So that’s what follows.

On offense, I want to see the Bears take yet another incremental step toward running a competent offense. We saw some of that these last two weeks. They get into a rhythm, they move the ball well, they just failed to score very many touchdowns. I’d like to see that progress continue and have them put the ball into the endzone more. To do that, they’ll have to slow down Aaron Donald, a tall order given their current offensive line issues, but hopefully they do just enough to put a couple of touchdowns and a couple of field goals on the board.

On defense, I expect them to continue to get better as well. That unit has been getting stronger and stronger and has really shut down opposing teams. I expect they’ll pressure Goff, get him rattled, bottle up the run game enough so their entire offense is unable to effectively perform.

Again, like last week, I’d like to see them get a lead and hold it throughout the game. I doubt the game ever seem like a lock. The Bears have a knack for allowing their opponents to hang in there and keep it exciting right up to the very end. I don’t see that changing in this game. In the end, the Bears come out of this at 6-1 and people have to start admitting that just maybe the 2020 Bears might just be for real while the Rams demonstrate that when they face a good team, they just aren’t able to compete.

Final score
Bears: ~20
Panthers: <=13