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Hike in the San Tan Mountains

Today Dena and I went for a hike in the San Tan Regional Park. It was a nice easy hike. About 4 miles but it was all pretty flat. The sun was out and it was kinda warm but we brought water. 

IMG 5341

Things are starting to bloom here in the desert. This is an Ocotillo cactus. 

IMG 5332

The creosote have some pretty yellow flowers with little white puff-balls on them. 

IMG 5335

I forget what this is called. Some sort of spiky thing. 

IMG 5337

And finally, watch out for rattlesnakes. A biker who just passed us saw it on the path up ahead and came back to warn us. That was very nice of them. By the time we got there, it moved under the bush. I kept my distance, the phone has a pretty good zoom on it. :) 

IMG 5338

That’s it. Had a good day so far. Catch you next time.