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I'm Tired of the Lame-Stream Media

I’m so angry at our (I hate to use the term) “lame-stream media”. I tried listening to a podcast and of course they’re discussing the Uvalde Massacre and how or whether something political will be done.

Of course they talked about how after past massacres there seems to be momentum for change, but then “nothing happened”.

IT’S NOT THAT NOTHING HAPPENED!! It’s that ONE party, the Republican Party, refuses to do anything about the issue of gun violence. ONE PARTY refuses to bring any legislation to the floor. ONE PARTY filibusters anything that may actually make it to the floor. But the f-ing media never mentions that! They say, “nothing happened”, or they say “congress was unable to take action” without ever pointing out WHY nothing happened.

As long as the media refuse to lay blame where it belongs, the public will continue to be deluded into thinking it’s congress as a whole that is ineffectual when that simply isn’t true. It is the Republican Party that is solely responsible for the epidemic of gun violence in this country and the media refuses to say this.

Our democracy depends on a media that is unafraid of speaking truth to power and our media in this country is failing us.

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