Jim Dabrowski

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My Frustration Continues

Unfortunately, my frustration continues. Today I read this article wherein the author says, “The Chicago Sports Alliance isn’t just issuing statements. It’s taking action.” Apparently the Bears, Bulls, Cubs, Sox and Blackhawks got together and donated $300,000 to a couple of charities in response to the Uvalde Massacre. This is considered “taking action”.

Let’s put this in perspective.

The Bears, Bulls, Cubs, Sox, and Blackhawks have a combined net worth of over $14 billion. They just donated .002% of their combined net worth to those charities, and this is “taking action”.

According to this site, the average Illinois resident has a net worth of just over $690,000. Keeping things proportional, this is like that average resident donating $14 to those same charities. I’ll bet most of those people with a net worth of $690,000 spend that much on lunch on any given day.

This isn’t “taking action”. Taking action would be publicly supporting political candidates who actually do something about passing legislation to end gun violence. Taking action would be actively speaking out against those politicians who don’t. Taking action would be allowing the entire team to boycott a game or more until meaningful change happens similar to what the Milwaukee Bucks did a couple of years ago. That would be taking action. Donating what amounts to pocket change so you can wipe your hands of the issue and feel good about yourself isn’t taking action.