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No Good Reason

Sometimes on Saturday mornings I like to sit and watch what I call my "Saturday Morning Cartoons". I'm currently working my way through season 11 of Dr. Who, the first season with Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor. Overall I like the show, it's not bad.

During the episode I watched today, The Doctor encountered an evil alien in a reprisal from their appearance in the first episode of the season. During the episode, The Doctor accused the evil alien of killing people "for no reason" and it got me thinking. That wasn't entirely true. In that first episode, the evil alien was going about the universe killing people to gather trophies of their kills to go back to their home world and demonstrate they were such a good warrior they should become the leader of their people. Now, that strikes me as a perfectly good reason for killing people. I (and The Doctor apparently) may not agree with that reason, or like that reason, or think that reason is kind of sick and disgusting, but that's not the same thing as NO reason.

Which then got me thinking some more. We use that phrase "for no reason" when we want to discount or otherwise dismiss other people's motivations for doing the things they do. We judge that reason as not being "good enough" rather than making the effort to see things from their point of view or understand their motivations. It's easier to just dismiss it out of hand and say they had "no reason". It's harder to try to have empathy with others and to understand why they do the things they do. We may still not agree with their motivations and reasoning and that's OK, we don't all have to always agree with each other. However, if we all at least try to do this, it might make the world a bit better of a place.