Jim Dabrowski

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Random Bears Thoughts


All I keep hearing about is how bad the current Bears roster is. No building blocks for the future, need total rebuild on both sides of the line, no receivers, etc. etc. If this roster is as bad as everyone is saying, there is no way next year will be much better than this one. Even with a gazillion dollars in cap space there are only so many players Poles can acquire in the off season. That's a bit disappointing.

Bears Ownership

When does Virginia McCaskey get some blame for the current state of the Bears. When a team is bad, year after year despite changes in players, coaches, GMs, etc. the only one left to blame is the ownership. Sure you can blame Michael and now George the previous and current Chairmen of the team, but she put them in those positions and throughout both their tenures (most of my life), the Bears have pretty much sucked. The Bears need new ownership.

Should Justin Fields Play vs the Packers

I don't care. The only reason to watch the Bears play any more games this season is to watch what Fields can do. For that reason alone, I want to see him play. Without him, it's going to be dreadful and I'll probably do something I almost never do: shut the game off before it's done because you know Rodgers will be screaming he owns the Bears multiple times, flipping off fans, mooning them, whatever. So play him, don't play him, do whatever you think best Matt and I'll watch for however long I can stand it.

Next Season

Guess that's it. As is becoming pretty usual for a fan of this team in December, it's time to start looking forward to the draft and next season. "Wait til next year!" our perennial cry. Also, as usual, it promises to be interesting. Justin Fields sure looks to be "the guy" the Bears have draft picks and cap money to spend. Will be interesting to watch.