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2023 NFC North Season Predictions

Training camp is over. Teams have been pared down to 53 and the bottom of the roster shuffling has begun. I’ve listened to way too many podcasts and read way too many articles about how the Bears and other teams have looked. It’s time to update my win prediction ranges for each team in the NFC North.

Lions 9-11 wins I just don’t know what to make of the Lions. Their coach is fun, they still make curious player decisions, but they look to be on the upswing.

Packers 8-10 wins Much to the dismay of Bears fans, Jordan Love will be good and despite some ups and downs due to the team’s overall lack of experience, the Packers will be a team to watch in 2024.

Vikings 7-9 wins Coming down to earth a bit from last year’s over-achieving, they still have talent and will look OK but their future is uncertain.

Bears 6-8 wins Six to eight wins is a dramatic improvement over last season’s 3 wins but they’re still going to need more help on their lines, both offense and defense.

Unfortunately for me, this is how I see the division playing out. I think my beloved Bears wind up in last place again, but with 2 first round picks next year—theirs and the Panther’s—they should be in a good place to add even more talent to the team.

Wait til next year! (said every year)

Go Bears!