Jim Dabrowski

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Finally Finished

It’s finally finished.

Picture of completed Bluenose model ship on stand beneath picture of the current Bluenose II

It’s actually been done for a while. I finished it up just before Christmas and never posted about it. I’m really happy with how it turned out. It’s been a long, long time in the making. Actually a bit proud of myself that I stuck with it and completed it. Feels good.

It’s proudly on display in our hallway beneath a picture of the current Bluenose II that resides in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. My wife got me that picture for Christmas of 2022 for exactly this purpose. I enjoy walking down the hallway and saying, “Hi boat!” on a fairly regular basis. 

We went up to see the Bluenose II in September. Looks like I never posted about that. It’s a fairly close replica of the original that is still functioning. We got to sail on it on a harbor cruise. It was pretty darn amazing to see in real life things I’ve been working on for years in miniature. 

That’s all for now.