Jim Dabrowski

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Flying Dutchman: Step E

Step D is complete! 

I added several upper-deck-like things and a few walls. 

View from the front of the newly added upper decks and some walls on the flying dutchman model ship.


View from the rear/side of the flying dutchman model ship showing the newly added upper decks and a wall.

Not entirely sure what’s up with the staining of the decks. I’m using the same stain and the same wood planking as the other decks but these turned out significantly lighter than the others. I’m OK with this since this is supposed to be a ghost ship so overall it’s supposed to look worn out, beat up and spooky. Hopefully the mis-matched deck staining will just add to the charm. 

Next up, Step F where I start to put on some walls! 

Stay tuned.