Bears, Jekyll, Wordpress and Stuff

I've been bothered by my Jekyll setup for my blog posting. I post so infrequently I found I'd forget how to post things, what the commands were, committing to git, etc. Too much friction for me and so whenever I thought of a post I'd like to do, I'd usually just say, "ugh" and not bother. What can I say, I'm lazy.

On my recent trip to Hawaii, I started to use my site and I really liked it but I still wanted an easier way to do longer posts. So I decided to finally pull the trigger and move my site over to Wordpress. Today being a holiday here in the US (Memorial Day), I decided to spend the day doing just that.

AND IT WORKED! (well, mostly)

I got my whole site ported over, imported all my old posts, had some issues with the RSS feed, but I think that's working now (we'll see after I post this). Still don't have all the images updated. I think that's going to be a bigger project, but overall I'm happy now with what I have. We'll see if I actually write more here or not.

While importing all my old posts, I re-read my latest one and hoo boy! Was I wrong in there! In that post I said:

I think this much is clear: neither Nagy nor Pace are going to be fired after the 2021 season regardless of how it turns out. 

me :o

Oh well. As pretty much anyone who reads this knows, they were indeed fired and I have to say, I'm kinda happy with what the new guys are doing there. Still have some questions/concerns in my mind, but we'll see. Perhaps I'll post something longer and more thoughtful about the state of the Bears now that I have a nifty new Wordpress site up and running.

That's it. Take care. See you all around.


This is a Test

This is test of the emergency blogging system. If this had been an actual blogging emergency we would have provided information about what do to next. This is only a test.

Well, that was embarrassing

Well that was embarrassing. I wanted to post something here yesterday, fired up my computer, looked in my Sites directory, saw all my files and realized I had no idea which tool I used to build this site. I’ve obsessed for years trying to find the “right” tool to use and have tried many, many tools. Eventually I apparently picked one but now had no idea which one. Looked around my site and my last post was from over a year ago. sigh This morning I realized that I might have blogged about it. So I looked at a past post and found my blog reboot post wherein I mentioned that I used Jekyll. Yay! Of course, for some reason Jekyll wasn’t installed on this machine so I had to reinstall it, but that was easy and now I’m back up and running so when inspiration strikes, I can post. (I’ve also updated the footer on this site to remind me what tool I use to do this.)

Blog Reboot

Welcome to my blog reboot.

This blog has completely languished for a long time. No, I haven’t been working on my boat either, hopefully that comes next. No, I’ve been experiencing paralysis by analysis.

I wasn’t really happy with MoveableType as the engine of my blog. Call me stupid but I just couldn’t get the hang of tweaking the templates and the CSS to get things to look the way I wanted. So, I decided to move to something else, but what?

There began my long, lonely search for a new thing to generate my blog. I knew I wanted a static blog and I wanted one that had would generate some clean, neat HTML and CSS that I could understand and tweak as I desired. I looked at a bunch: Jekyll, Pelican, Octopress, Nikola, Cactus and many more that I can no longer recall. (I actually kinda wish I had kept track and kept notes, it would have made a great meta-review of static blog posting enginges.) In the end I chose wintersmith. What you see is the result of this search (update a year later: no it’s not. I just switched again, this time to Jeckyl).

I like wintersmith. There are some things I don’t like about the organization of the files. I would prefer it if I could have all my files organized in a hierarchical directory system organized by year, month and day (the articles currently all just reside in one big directory) and I don’t fully get the templating system enough quite yet to tweak it completely to my liking. But, I can live with the directory structure, I probably won’t be posting more than one time per day anyway and I can learn the template system over time.

So now hopefully I will start to actually write here on a regular basis. Next step is to get back to work on my boat. I’m embarassed at how long it’s been since I’ve worked on it.