Flying Dutchman: Stap K

Step K is complete!

view of the starboard side of the flying dutchman model ship with most of the planking completed - shows the big gaping hole that is supposed to be on that side.

Yes, that big hole in the side is supposed to be there. By the end, the bottom part will have barrels, packages, etc. piled up down there and the upper part will have cannons and what-not. There are also going to be lights on the inside so you’ll be able to see it all too. That will be fun. So the starboard side here is mostly complete. Still a few places to fill in, that’s all part of Step L coming up next; along with trimming down the top portion - it won’t always look all jaggy like that. 

Til nex time! 


Flying Dutchman: Step J

Step J is complete! 

View of starboard side of Flying Dutchman with planking on the top half.

Yes, it’s supposed to be missing a bunch of planks. That’s actually the point of this model is that this entire side has a big old hole in it showing you the interior where you’ll see cannons, and supplies and stuff and it will even have LIGHTING! That’s going to be fun. Coming along. In Step K, I’ll be finishing up just about all the planking on the starboard side here. 


Starting planking! #flyingdutchman #modelship #modelshipbuilding

View of Flying Dutchman model ship with two rows of planing completed on the starboard side.

Flying Dutchman: Step I

Step I is complete. 

Part of Step I was finishing and putting the doors on the ship. I showed you that before. The rest of this step was to sand down the bulkheads in preparation for planking the hull. 

View of the starboard side of the flying dutchman model ship showing the sanded and shaped bulkheads.

Another view of the starboard side of the flying dutchman model ship showing the sanded and shaped bulkheads.

The idea here is you want the planks to be able to lie flush on the bulkheads so the glue has better purchase and the hull has a smooth, curvy shape. So I spent some time with a sanding block sanding and shaping. Looks alright. May need to fill in some parts later as well. That’s really it for Step I. Next step, Step J, I start planking!! That, and the next few steps will take a while.

I finally decided to start using hashtags (I’m such a social media noob) #flyingdutchman #modelship #modelshipbuilding so maybe I’ll find and meet some folks. If you stumbled across this post on social media, head off to my blog at and go to the archives to see all my posts related to this build and my previous build of the Bluenose. 

Take care all,


Flying Dutchman: Step H

And I was able to finish Step H as well! 

After getting the mahogany from Australia, I was able to finish outlining the grates that go on the deck. Step H, you may recall involved building that deck house and attaching the grates to the ship. 

Deck grating attached to the fore of the ship.

Here is the grating on the fore upper deck (oh, and my toes in the distance)

Large grating in the middle of the flying dutchman model ship.

Next is the grating in the mid-ships. Those large holes in the corners are where ladders/stairs will go later. Those y-shaped pieces will hold a small row-boat. You can kind of make out the eye-bolts on the corners. That’s where the boat will be tied down. This part isn’t glued down yet, it just has some flanges on the bottom to hold it in place. This will let me remove it later to add stuff like cannons to the lower deck. 

The aft upper deck of the flying dutchman model ship showing the installed grating and the small deck house.

And finally, the aft-upper deck where the final grate went right up by the deck house installed earlier. 

And that’s it. I’m now on to finishing up Step I which primarily involves me sanding and shaping the hull in preparation for planking. 

Stay tuned!


Flying Dutchman: Step G

Step G is complete—Finally! 

I got my wood! It arrived last week and I’ve been able to get going again, catching up on my steps. 

Completed deck grating for flying dutchman model ship. Grid of light-colored wood outlined in darker mahogany.

To finish up Step G I outlined each of my grates in the mahogany. I liked making that big one up top. It turned out real nice. Then I varnished them and that completed Step G. 

Next up, Step H.


Flying Dutchman G, H, & I.

I’m in a bit of a weird state right now with the Flying Dutchman build. 

In Step G, I needed to build some grates like this: 

Small wood gratings to be used on the deck of the Flying Dutchman model.

I’m supposed to outline each one in mahogany like the one in the bottom-right. But, the kit didn’t include enough to do that so I had to order some. Despite the company I ordered from saying they were in the US, my wood is coming from Australia. 

So I moved ahead to Step H. In that step, I needed to build a small deck housing and install the grates on the deck. Well, OK, I can build the deck house. It looks like this: 

Small deck house with roof that goes on one of the upper decks of the flying dutchman model ship

Cute, isn’t it? 

So that was about as far as I could go on Step H, so let’s look at Step I. In that one, I have to build some doors! 

Small, black doors with brass hinges and doorknobs to be attached to the flying dutchman model ship

Here they are in progress. And then I glued them all on. 

2 small black doors on the fore of the flying dutchman model ship.

Here they are in the fore of the ship. 

And a couple in the aft. And you can see I installed the deck house as well. Those big holes in the deck are where the grates will go. 

Now it’s pretty much down to sanding and shaping the hull in preparation for planking. That’ll be Steps J, K, L, and M. So I’m stalled a bit right now. Once my mahogany arrives I can finish the grates, install them and that’ll pretty much complete Steps G, H, and I. The good news is, the wood arrived in the country and is just awaiting clearance through customs. Hopefully I’ll have them by the end of the week and can continue forward. 

Until then, take care, 


I made these five grates for step G. Now I’m supposed to frame each one in mahogany like that one there but I didn’t get enough in the kit to do that. 🫤 So I ordered some more. I’ll probably move on to Step H in the meanwhile.

Small grates that go on the deck of the Flying Dutchman model ship.

Flying Dutchman: Step F

Step F is complete! 

Wow, some of these steps go by quickly. 

View of the flying dutchman model ship with walls attached at mid-ships and at the stern.

Next up, in Step G, I get to build lots and lots of grates. Should be interesting. 

Here is a sneak preview of all the little bits I get to put on this model. This is fun. 

Those barrels will go in the bottom of the ship. That big old Flying Dutchman figurehead on the front and lots of bones that go on all over the place. 


Flying Dutchman: Step E

Step D is complete! 

I added several upper-deck-like things and a few walls. 

View from the front of the newly added upper decks and some walls on the flying dutchman model ship.


View from the rear/side of the flying dutchman model ship showing the newly added upper decks and a wall.

Not entirely sure what’s up with the staining of the decks. I’m using the same stain and the same wood planking as the other decks but these turned out significantly lighter than the others. I’m OK with this since this is supposed to be a ghost ship so overall it’s supposed to look worn out, beat up and spooky. Hopefully the mis-matched deck staining will just add to the charm. 

Next up, Step F where I start to put on some walls! 

Stay tuned. 


All trimmed and sanded and dots poked in them. Now to varnish and stain and put them on the boat.

Several deck pieces all trimmed and sanded smooth. Ready to be stained and attached to the Flying Dutchman model ship.

Planked up several sections of deck. Here is what they look like front and back. Next step, clean and shape them up.

Section of deck on the Flying Dutchman model ship with planks glued to them. Same sections of deck for the Flying Dutchman model ship except from the bottom side so you can see what is being covered by all the planks glued on.

Putting my copy of LOTR to good use weighing down some planking while the glue dries.

Hard cover version of Lord of the Rings being used as a weight to keep pressure on some planking while the glue dries.

Flying Dutchman: Step D

Step D is complete. 

View from the top of the finished upper deck of the Flying Dutchman model ship

For this step I had to attach cross-pieces to the bulkheads (you can see them through that big rectangle hole in the deck), then cut out and install the upper deck. Before doing that, the center portion had to be planked just like I planked the lower deck. Lots of 65mm long pieces of wood all glued down. The portions in the front and back of the ship aren’t planked because those will be rooms and you won’t see inside them when it’s all finished. Finally, I stained the deck with Judea Bitumen just like the lower deck. Actually, staining the deck is part of Step F, but I learned from doing the lower deck that it’s better to do that while it’s not attached to the boat. I think this staining job went much better than the lower deck. 

Here’s another view, more from the side. 

Side view of the Flying Dutchman model ship showing the upper and lower decks.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for Step E where I attach some of the upper-upper-decks and even some walls! 


Flying Dutchman: Step C

Wow, step C completed. I’m moving along quickly here. 

Got the entire lower deck glued in place and added a few small details. A couple of stairs/ladders, and a capstan. 

View of entire lower deck of Flying Dutchman model ship.

This is a bit better view of the details (forgive the crappy lighting, you’d think I’d have better lighting here where I work on building this). 

Close up view of the lower deck of Flying Dutchman model ship showing a ladder to the lower hold and a capstan.

Next up, a little bit more work on the lower deck and then the upper deck. 

Stay tuned! 


Flying Dutchman: Step B

Step B is complete. 

Picture of the lower deck of the Flying Dutchman model ship all planked and varnished.

This is going to be the lower deck of the ship. Those five pieces are of plywood and I had to cut each one out, then cut a whole bunch of 65mm long strips of wood and glue them on. The lines between the planks and the dots are all made from pencil drawing along the sides or poking holes in the corners after they’ve been glued on. Then some sanding and finally a coat of clear, satin varnish. 

The next step, step C, I get to put those on the bulkheads and add some details. Stay tuned! 


Flying Dutchman Step A

The instruction book for the Flying Dutchman model has steps labeled A through X. Here is a picture of my completed Step A. 

The keel and bulkheads of the Flying Dutchman model completed

I had to cut out and stain the keel and all 15 bulkheads, then glue them in place making sure they’re square to the keel. (They mostly are.) 

So that’s it. My plan is to keep posing pictures of each step as it’s completed so stay tuned! Currently working on step B, planking the lower deck. 

Take care, 


And so it begins...

Start of building the Flying Dutchman model ship. Just keel and bulkheads showing.

Toward the end of my Bluenose build, I was swearing I was done building model ships. Then my wife saw this and convinced me to buy it. So now I’ve started another…The Flying Dutchman!